Sunday, April 22

Chapter 14 - The Armies Clash tis the final battle

The last battle for the Precious has begun, the two thousand year quest for the precious is now drawing to a close, Saron, Saruman, Gollum and the Witch King all working together to defeat the Elves and to deny the Elves the precious. Frodo has protected the fellowship and fought many battles alongside Aragorn, the journey has been a long one, and this week the Hobbits may well be called upon to help the Elves defeat the Dark Forces :

Gandalf and Eomer had spent many days in the saddle to get to Mordor with the urgent dispatch for Villagers. The document contained vital plans for the re-building of the ancient fort, should the Orc's be defeated on the 3rd. The plans show how Elven Taxes could be spent and clearly outlined how light would be directed onto the market square in a bid to make the environment as uncomfortable as possible for Orc's. The Witch King had sent Urik-Hai troops to try and head Gandalf off, but he had managed to break through the Orc Lines. The previous dispatch issued by Gandalf was intercepted by Orc sympathisers and they hurriedly convened a meeting of market traders to try and undermine the Elven plans for a Traders Summit in Mordor. The Elves are used to Orc's tactic of adopting Elven pledges as there own. As a recruiting drive to the ranks of the Dark Forces the Witch King and her second in command, from the Dell sector of Mordor have stolen EVERY Elven pledge and have tried to pass them off as their own. The Elven detachment detailed to help the resistance in Mordor have been fighting hard, Elves Welsh, Oldfield, Proctor and Mitchell have fought hard to prepare the way for Aragorns army. Orc's leaders which sit on the privvy council of Mordor had used a little known weapon known as the the Mordor Advertiser, to try and disrupt Elven progress in the dark forces stronghold. The advertisers content was cunningly written by the Council commanders of Mordor, the article designed to cause maximum damage on impact, these 'dirty weapons' are an Orc speciality. Elves are used to countering their effects and the villagers of Mordor have been given a valuable insight into how low the Orc's can stoop in thier desperate attempt to hold on to their final territory.

Both Legolas and Elrond have taken up positions in the Wesham sector on the outskirts of Mordor, the clash with Gothmog drawing closer.

Aragorn and Elve Hyde having almost cleared the Heyhouses sector of Edoras of Orcs and Gollums sneaks, will join the Elves in the final attack. The next three nights will see many clashes on the road to Mordor and the final battle field. In the coming days the tactics will be to disrupt the witch King and panic the Orc soldiers now massing in the Plenoor fields.

Legolas and Gimil will meet the Rohirrim forces, rendezvousing with Aragorn, the journey to Mordor will be dangerous, no one knowing what they will encounter as they pass across the boundary from Gondor to Mordor:,wmv-100-p.1248839-122509,wmv-300-p.1248840-122509,rnv-56-p.1248835-122509,rnv-100-p.1248836-122509,rnv-300-p.1248837-122509,wmv-28-p.1248838-122509&id=1804738130&f=1804738130&mspid=1808531494&type=c&a=0,15
The Elven Commander of the Southern Sector of Mordor, Elven Lt Proctor has suffered many sling and arrows from Orcs this week, the Witch King swooping over her territory is suspected os spreading half truths about the brave Elve. Lt Proctor is fearless in his quest and his troops are ready to retake Mordor South, but the witch king will fight to the death. Venom, fire and brimstone will be her weapons of choice. The witch king can be beaten Eowyn has taken on the King before and in their last encounter, the battle of the housing department the witch King was driven from the walls of Helms Deep.

Final orders are in place Aragorn now leading the final charge on the gates of Mordor, the Elven detachment within Mordor is out numbered yet could hold the key to the retention of the precious, on the eve of the 3rd Aragorn will lead the last attack.

King Theoden and the Rhohirrim Cavalry have already arrived on the Southern outskirts as the Forces of Light and Darkness stand face to face. As the first battle begins, Gandalf, already in Mordor faces the Witch King for the final time?.

There is just one chapter remaining what will the future hold for the Shire? Many dispatches of support have already been received within Helms Deep, but will the forces of positive be enough to defeat Sauron and Saruman once and for all? The 4th is the day of reckoning!